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• The Story of EverClare •

EverClare first formed in 2008 by local musician and recording engineer, Dave Phillips and Bournemouth based Engineering Student and Drummer Russell Bailey. After employing Russell to teach drums as part of a, now defunked, UK wide music franchise, the two became good friends and began jamming together before lessons would begin. 

At the time, Dave was running a local jam session at a club in Eastleigh, Southampton, where Russell would come along to jam. 

A regular vistor to the Mija jam night was Alistair Begg, who would bring along this crazy instrument called the Chapman Stick and use the jam to practice using the instrument. 

As the jam became bigger, it attracted Fair Oak based keys player, Robin Arnold, who’d played with Dave in various bands since the late 90s. 

One jamming night, Russell asked the jamming crowd if they’d fancy playing for his birthday party in Brighton one weekend and Rob, Al and Dave agreed to put a band together for Russell’s party. 

The gig was a smash hit and the players loved performing with each other so much that it was agreed that we’d carry on and make a band out of it. The band soon became busy on the local scene and eventually began playing more and more private functions under the name of "EverClare".

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By 2010, Russell was thoroughly invested in his Degree in Engineering and wasn't able to give the band the attention that it needed, so he agreed to step aside, allowing us to bring in local session drummer Gerald "Mully" Mulligan.

The four became great friends and continued to play the music scene and private events from then on, forging a great reputation as one of the South's top working bands.

In 2014, Rob took over the role of Chief Engineer for Hospital Radio, based in Southampton, and his schedule meant that he wouldn't be as available as he needed to be for the band's busy diary of work so he regrettably left the foursome, leaving a very big hole in the band.

While the band was regrouping from the loss of Rob, Dave, Al and Mully decided that it was time to take the band full time and take it to the next level.

After a long period to looking for just the right musicians and vocalists to fill the enormous Rob sized gap, the band met Ree Sinclair - a social media guru who'd moved to the south coast to build a social media business and wanted a great band to perform with.

At the same time, the band needed to employ a second full time drummer to cover for Mully when he wasn't available and the boys found Toby McFee - an Ex-Navy officer who'd left the service to become a full time drummer. EverClare was his first professional band since graduating from BIMM in London.

During the initial meetings, Dave, Al, Mully, Toby and Ree decided that we'd re-brand and re-build the band following the joining of the new members, and Run Gizmo Run was born.

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Across 2016 and 2017, Dave and Alistair developed two tribute bands aimed at the Theatre market - Dire Straits UK and Genesis Legacy. In 2017, Dire Straits UK began playing theatre dates across the UK and Genesis Legacy debuted in early 2018 with a sell out show in Whitstable.

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After a period of time, Run Gizmo Run were working weekly at private parties, holiday parks and weddings across the South when Ree decided that she couldn't continue with the heavy gigging schedule and manage her social media business as well.

So when Emily Cotton emailed Dave to say that she was leaving her current cruising band to return back to the UK, she was immediately offered the job of fronting Run Gizmo Run and joining Genesis Legacy as vocalist and instrumentalist.

As the bands became booked up and busier, it was decided that Rick Benbow, keys player for Dire Straits UK and Genesis Legacy, expressed an interest in being busier as a musician and Dave and Al invited him to become a part time member of Run Gizmo Run. Run Gizmo Run, after all, is at it's core, a group of great friends who have a great time playing together.

In 2019, it was decided that the name would revert back to EverClare as the band looks to market themselves to the corporate market.

One of the most unique modern Function and Event bands in the UK - EverClare is available now for private bookings.... but be quick, secure your preferred date early!

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Alistair Begg is a formidable and versatile talent, since graduating from BASSTECH in 1995 he has been making a living from playing and teaching bass and Chapman Stick.

Playing in bands for over 20 years, he has played barns, boats, pubs, parties, clubs and cruises.

Alistair teaches Bass guitar at Academy of Music and Sound in Southampton, successfully guiding the next generation of young bass guitarists.

He lives surrounded by bunnies and basses in a small house on the outskirts of Penury in Hampshire.

Find out more about Alistair at

Imagine what would happen if you mixed a bag of red Smarties with a box of Puppies... that's Emily!
She's an endless ball of pure energy with a silky smooth vocal, epic range and a unique edge when she bites into those grittier lyrics.

She's the perfect front person, conducting herself on stage with more charisma than any one person is allowed to have!

She's energetic and engaging and as much of a joy to watch as she is to listen to.

You wouldn't find a better front person anywhere else.

Mully is a drumming force of nature. He's a fiercely talented musician and very much in demand due to his strong and smooth groove and knowledge of drum vocabulary.

Mully has performed on countless prog albums and performed with many professional bands over the years.

When he's not drumming with EverClare, you can find him touring Europe with his Prog band Credo.

His rhythm and passion for large scale drum kits creates a solid foundation for the band, giving audiences no reason to not be at least tapping their feet.

Be warned, you may need to have a mop and bucket on hand for the drum enthusiasts in your crowd that will be drooling over his drum kit!

David Knight has been working in music since the age of 15 when he started playing guitar in pubs at school and college. David, a multi-instrumentalist, has performed in many bands throughout the years, played for high-street brands and internationally in holiday hotels, as well as internationally at the Dingle Film Festival in Southern Ireland and Cannes Film Festival in France.

He works as a full time musician and recording engineer, producing local artists at White Room Studios in Southampton and working with/managing Dire Straits UK and Genesis Legacy. He's a freelance lecturer for Academy of Music and Point Blank centres across the UK and developed the entire BTEC and Degree course material for Music Production. He's also a certified Pro Tools engineer and instructor for Avid.

Find out more about Dave at

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