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EverClare do their best to bring some different song choices to their sets, wanting to set themselves apart from other bands working today. They bring modern and historical dance floor classics that you know and love but may not necessarily hear every day. Of course, those old favourites will also be included as well!

EverClare also aims to make their sets as inclusive as they can, performing songs that will be recognised and enjoyed by all generations.

Each set list can be tinkered and tailored by our clients so that they can give their friends and family the party that they want to.

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Below is a set representative of our most recent show. Each song is specifically picked to make the dance floor impossible to resist and the order of the songs is chosen specifically to give the evening a sophisticated ebb and flow!

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Other options for songs to include in Run Gizmo Run's sets include songs by the following artists:

Thin Lizzy
The Who
Kings of Leon
The Undertones
Lynard Skynard
Chesney Hawkes
Van Halen
Bon Jovi
Guns 'n' Roses
M People
Kool and the Gang
Michael Jackson
Bruno Mars
Ce Lo Green
Miley Cirus
Cyndi Lauper
Amy Winehouse
Divine Comedy
Daft Punk
Peter Gabriel

The Eagles
Chuck Berry
Green Day
Bryan Adams
The Proclaimers
Emile Sande
Whitney Houston
Dire Straits
Sam and Dave
Wilson Pickett
Van Morrison
Barenaked Ladies
Deacon Blue
Tears for Fears
The Rolling Stones
Status Quo
Walk the Moon
Robbie Williams
Lionel Ritchie
Phil Collins

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