Why should you book EverClare'? Our Unique Selling Points

Learn about EverClare’s most unique of selling points.

Why should you book EverClare?
What makes us different?
By David Knight

There are literally thousands of bands operating in the UK today. You only need to log onto an agency platform and start scrolling through to realise that it might actually never end! The “Function Band” is one of the only ways that musicians can make money out of performing and, sadly, there are more people doing it as a ‘hobby’ than professionally, which makes it very difficult for those who rely on performing for their income.

The members of EverClare have been performing professionally for over 10 years. We’ve performed publicly, privately, at festivals, corporate events and weddings and we’re also business owners/entrepreneurs of our own performing, teaching and management businesses so we’re particularly tuned in to our customer’s wants when they’re looking for a band for their event.

So this little list of EverClare’s unique selling points (hopefully) will help solidify in your minds that EverClare is a band to trust as a significant investment in your special event.

1. 1st Class Customer Service

The most important thing to a customer is the service that they receive from a company that they investigate to buy from, and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that as well as the price of the product, it’s how valued I feel as a customer that ultimately tips me over the edge from enquiry to purchasing customer. I want to feel respected, appreciated and valued when I’m giving money to a company or individual in exchange for a product or a service. If I’ve chosen to give my money to 1 company over many other options, I want to know that my choice is recognised!

As such - a booking with EverClare will guarantee you 4 things:

• That your enquiries and communiques are dealt with quickly and professionally. I don’t want my customers to be waiting for more than a couple of hours for replies to enquiries if I can help it.

• Quotes given to you will be accurate and guaranteed to be our best possible price, based on the information that you’ve given us during the enquiry stage.

• You can be assured of a friendly and intimate service to truly personalise your event.

• We’ll ask you all of the right questions to obtain all of the information we need to make sure that your booking is smooth and seamless and all of the variables are thoroughly planned

2. Years of professional experience in live entertainment

EverClare itself has been operating professionally for 10 years in 2018, with all of the performers working for many more years before the band was conceived.

I (Dave) (EverClare Manager, MD, Lead Guitarist and Lead Vocalist) have worked in many professional environments since beginning to playing the guitar at 15 and have maintained a continuous performing career since 1996.

• Function Band Musician since 1996, performing pubs, clubs, parties and weddings in countless professional and amateur bands
• Tribute band performer, MD and Manager for Dire Straits UK and Genesis Legacy, working in theatres across the UK.
• DJ for high street brands including Flares, Reflex and Jumpin Jaks
• Live musician and performer for Jumpin Jaks across the UK
• Entertainments Manager and Host for a Live Entertainment Club in Devon
• Entertainments Manager and Host for a Live Entertainment Club in Blackpool
• Cruise Ship Musician within 4pc and 5pc bands
• Solo performer
• Lecturer of Music Performance at College and University Level
• Manager of bands and artists for the holiday industry.

Alistair (EverClare Bassist) has also been working professionally since graduating from Bass Tech in 1996.

• Function band musician since the 80’s, performing in professional and amateur bands for parties, weddings, pubs and clubs
• Cruise Band experience with P+O Cruises
• Lecturing music and performance at College and University level
• Recording and touring experience, most notably with the Lee Abraham band
• Theatre experience, performing with Dire Straits UK, Genesis Legacy and the Lachlan Horne Band.

Emily (EverClare Lead Vocalist) is the youngest member of the band has been working professionally since graduating from University in 2010.

• Function band experience working in both professional and amateur bands playing pubs and parties.
• Theatre experience with Genesis Legacy
• She spent a year cruising with P+O Cruises, performing 5 sets per night over 6 nights per week.
• She teaches vocals at College level.

Rick (EverClare MD and Keys player) has been working professionally since the 70s, with many professional touring and recording credits to his name.

• Touring keys player for every Pink Floyd tribute band working today.
• MD and Keys player for Dire Straits UK and Genesis Legacy
• Arranger for Status Quo and Jewell albums
• Teacher of music at both College and University level

If you ever wondered whether your party was in safe hands, this impressive list of experience credits will settle your mind!

3. Our Unique and Authentic sound

EverClare is unlike any other band working today. Each of the performers use world class equipment and instruments, each having a sound and feel that is unique to them and, when combined together in the band, there’s a magic that’s rarely found in a covers bands and EverClare is definitely greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Whether Mully’s using his beautiful 1980 Noble and Cooley Drum Kit (original owned by Dire Straits drummer Chris Whitten), his 1980’s Phil Collins Premier Concert Tom Kit or his 1980 Yamaha Stage Custom kit, the drums have a unique charm, quality and power that modern drum kits don’t provide.



Next, there’s Alistair’s Chapman Stick - probably EverClare’s biggest Unique Selling Point... you won’t find any other function band in the UK with a Chapman Stick player!! Inspired by the likes of Tony Levin (Porcupine Tree) and Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo, Steven Wilson), Alistair has dedicated the last 10 years to developing his considerable skills at a “Stickist” and it’s sound is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

The Chapman Stick stands in for the role of the Bass Guitar, and with 12 strings that a tapped rather than plucked or strummed, it also provides a guitar and piano style role as well.

As if it’s unique sound isn’t enough, Alistair also uses his Stick to trigger Synths within his Macbook Pro, which opens up a whole other dimension of sound options, including providing a ‘Vocoder” for songs such as “Get Lucky”.

In our Showreel, you can hear Alistair’s live Vocoder on Get Lucky and Synth Brass on Superstition.


And if that wasn’t enough - his penchant for analogue effects pedals allows him endless creative possibilities in creating just the right sound for each song he performs.

Similar to Alistair, Rick has a particular fondness and acute ear for Synthesisers to the point that he can authentically be referred to as a “Synthesist”.
Not only is he a keys player of infinite musical talent, but his enormous collection of Macbook based Synths gives him a huge colour palette to ‘paint’ with - giving each song just the right sound to make it fun, energetic and recognisable.


Take a listen to our EverClare Showreel:

And take a listen to our Genesis Legacy showreel:

What always makes or breaks a band, however, is the lead vocalists and front people of the band.

Emily Cotton blew me away at her audition for Cruising work in November of 2015 and, despite wanting to offer her work with (then EverClare), had to accept that she wanted to work on the ships. However, when Emily wrote to me in 2017 to say that she wanted to leave the band, I immediately offered her a place in EverClare and a place in Genesis Legacy.

Emily is not just a phenomenal vocalist, but she has a unique personality and charm, as well as a command of the stage, that draws her audiences in and brings them right onto her side. Her voice is beautiful in the emotive numbers and powerful and soulful in the upbeat tracks.


EverClare is a very special blend of musicians the come together to make musical magic when they perform. Not only will your event sound fantastic, but the energy and charisma from the performers on stage is rarely found in covers bands today.

4. Our Live Sound Engineers and theatre class PA systems.

EverClare works, where possible, with a live sound engineer to manage the front of house sound, and the fold back monitoring sound during the performances so that the performers can be free to perform, without having to worry about “turning this up”, or “turning this down”.

Our sound engineer is included in our advertised costs on our Pricing Page.

Despite one member of the band being a certified, educated and experienced audio engineer, it’s difficult to play an instrument on stage and fiddle with the digital mixing system so having live sound support ensures that the performances are un-interrupted and gives the clients a point of contact during the performances.

EverClare contracts live engineers that provide FOH for Dire Straits UK and Genesis Legacy touring shows in theatres across the UK. The equipment will always be of a top quality and chosen specifically for the room and the audience size to make sure that the sound of the band is energetic, punchy, balanced and bright.

Of course, paying a 6th member of the band does come at a cost, so on those occasions where a client’s budget doesn’t stretch to EverClare’s full fee for your area, it’s possible for EverClare to manage their own FOH sound.

5. Free Live DJ

It’s not uncommon for bands to offer a DJ service in today’s market. In fact, it’s become a client requirement that a band provide a DJ within their booking price.
Something that you may not know, however, is that EverClare was possibly the first band to offer this service back in 2006, offering it as a unique selling point back when the band first started.

Although it might not be as “unique” a selling point today, what IS unique about EverClare’s DJ service is that the band has a long time experienced DJ within it’s membership. As well as working in night clubs since 18 in various capacities, I worked professionally as a contracted Friday and Saturday night resident DJ for Flares and Reflex, with other regular work in the likes of Tiger Tiger, Jumpin Jaks and priIn the modern day market, potential clients are always looking at real world reviews before making a purchase. This does make it hard for ‘newer’ products, with many companies giving away their sample products in return for generating reviews, which helps sales later on.

Despite EverClare (previously Run Gizmo Run) working for 10 years this year, the band only has 2 reviews on the Facebook page!! You may be wondering about that. There are four very good reasons for this:

The first is that E
verClare has been around for longer than Facebook has been the most important marketing tool for brands. We started performing in 2008, and it’s really been only recent years that Facebook has become the centre of any companies promotional campaigns. We’ve had many emails of ‘thanks’ from customers and clients, but naturally these haven’t been kept.

The second is that the band took a bit of a break, and was recovering from the loss of a member, around the time that Facebook suddenly became super relevant in business. Or, at least, at the time where we noticed it’s relevance.

The third - the perhaps the most important reason - Facebook erased all of our reviews when they updated the “Pages” functions a couple of years ago.

The fourth is that we just haven’t wanted to badger our clients and audiences for reviews and comments, hoping that they’ll be good enough to seek out the band on Facebook and leave us a nice message.

I suppose this means that we haven’t been so good with our social media management over the last few years, and it’s really only been with the launch of Dire Straits UK and Genesis Legacy that we’ve had to give our social media channels a lot more attention. But despite performing for thousands of people in the last couple of years, and receiving multiple standing ovations at our theatre shows, only a handful of people have considered writing to us on our social media channels.

And of course, that’s fine. We’d rather that people made their own way there rather than have us badgering them for comments.

The ‘agent platforms’ that we’re represented
on also ask for feedback from clients too, and some have been good enough to leave comments on the agency pages, but it really does become a pain for people to have to write the same reviews in multiple pages, confirming that comments are genuine multiple time, etc etc.

So we’ve got some screen shots of previous client feedback from our various agent portals.... hopefully you’ll accept them in lieu of our Facebook review scores and trust that the band is as good live as it looks in our various videos.

Please feel free to contact us on rungizmorun@davephillipsmusic.co.uk.

And if you’ve seen the band recently, or in the past, please leave us a lovely review and a star rating. It really helps us all with obtaining future work.

Many thanks.