Where are our Reviews Facebook?

Facebook did a real number on us....
In the modern day market, potential clients are always looking at real world reviews before making a purchase. This does make it hard for ‘newer’ products, with many companies giving away their sample products in return for generating reviews, which helps sales later on.

Despite EverClare (previously Run Gizmo Run) working for 10 years this year, the band only has 2 reviews on the Facebook page!! You may be wondering about that. There are four very good reasons for this:


The first is that EverClare has been around for longer than Facebook has been the most important marketing tool for brands. We started performing in 2008, and it’s really been only recent years that Facebook has become the centre of any companies promotional campaigns. We’ve had many emails of ‘thanks’ from customers and clients, but naturally these haven’t been kept.

The second is that the band took a bit of a break, and was recovering from the loss of a member, around the time that Facebook suddenly became super relevant in business. Or, at least, at the time where we noticed it’s relevance.

The third - the perhaps the most important reason - Facebook erased all of our reviews when they updated the “Pages” functions a couple of years ago.


The fourth is that we just haven’t wanted to badger our clients and audiences for reviews and comments, hoping that they’ll be good enough to seek out the band on Facebook and leave us a nice message.

I suppose this means that we haven’t been so good with our social media management over the last few years, and it’s really only been with the launch of Dire Straits UK and Genesis Legacy that we’ve had to give our social media channels a lot more attention. But despite performing for thousands of people in the last couple of years, and receiving multiple standing ovations at our theatre shows, only a handful of people have considered writing to us on our social media channels.

And of course, that’s fine. We’d rather that people made their own way there rather than have us badgering them for comments.

The ‘agent platforms’ that we’re represented on also ask for feedback from clients too, and some have been good enough to leave comments on the agency pages, but it really does become a pain for people to have to write the same reviews in multiple pages, confirming that comments are genuine multiple time, etc etc.

So we’ve got some screen shots of previous client feedback from our various agent portals.... hopefully you’ll accept them in lieu of our Facebook review scores and trust that the band is as good live as it looks in our various videos.

Please feel free to contact us on rungizmorun@davephillipsmusic.co.uk.

And if you’ve seen the band recently, or in the past, please leave us a lovely review and a star rating. It really helps us all with obtaining future work.

Many thanks.