EverClare's Showreel History

The core members of EverClare have been playing together for 10 years in 2018. See our journey in video right here!

A History of Run Gizmo Run showreels
By David Knight

In 2018, Alistair, Mully and myself will be celebrating 10 years of working together (and 10 years of friendship as well!). 2018 also marks 10 years of (was) EverClare, now Run Gizmo Run, so I thought - why not take a brief look at the history of the band in video.... right back to the very first show in 2008. That’s right - there IS video!

Here we go, with our very first public show together since Russel’s birthday gig that started it all.


2008 - The Slug and Lettuce Southampton

Barenaked Ladies - The Old Apartment


The Old Apartment was one of our favourite songs to open up set 1 with. A unique song that begs to beg listened to and audiences got a kick out of it, despite hardly any knowing what the song was!

Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

Brown Eyed Girl is one of those party songs that never fails to get people singing along!

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

Chasing cars is one of the very few modern songs that can be called a ‘classic’.

2009 - The Gamekeeper Pub, on the fringes of the New Forest

Dire Straits - Money for Nothing

Yes - we’ve refined it a little more since then...!!!

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark

One of my favourite Boss tracks!! I miss playing this.

2016 - The first “professional” EverClare showreel!

This showreel was the first that was created following Rob’s departure and a vocalist who joined us for, like, 5 minutes and then decided not to continue. This is the only showreel I play keys, and the only iteration of the band that saw me switch from lead guitar to keys.

We really loved the feel of these performances, and the sound of the band. We were restricted by the small room, poor lighting and poor camera angles but it was our first go at doing it properly! Give us a break!!

All of these songs are in our current set list

2017 - The first “Run Gizmo Run” Showreel

Following the previous vocalists departure, this video was created shortly after recruiting Ree. It’s important to us that the promotional material accurately shows the current line up of the band, so we arranged this video shoot at the De Vere Hotel Southampton in early 2017 following Ree and Toby joining the band and the name change to “Run Gizmo Run”. It was a fabulous day, although we ended up having to manage the camera recording ourselves when the camera operator we’d booked failed to turn up!

In this iteration of the band, you’ll notice that you can hear elements of music that don’t seem to be being played by anyone in the video. This is because we decided to work with backing tracks so that we could keep the members of the band to 4, and still maintain the fabulous sound of a 5pc band. All of the keys and synths are on a backing track, triggered by the drummers, with a little guitar here and there, such as in “Shut up and dance”!

The band suggested that I went back to playing the guitar, rather than the keys. Nothing to do with my keys ability (thank you!), but we’d noticed through many of the shows in 2016 that the band lost a lot of it’s ‘personality’ having me stuck behind a keyboard and off of the front line. So we ditched keys all together for now, and I went back to guitar.

We went over and above to make Run Gizmo Run a very different band to the plethora of bands out there so we had a lot of fun with the showreel, including the Gremlins footage to make it look like they were messing with our showreel footage.

We loved this show reel - it sounded great and really gave the impression that Run Gizmo Run is a band that’s full of fun and energy. As with our previous showreel, all of these songs are still current and in our current set list.

2017 - The Run Gizmo Run ‘3pc’

In a bid to offer a cheaper Run Gizmo Run option, Alistair, Mully and I prepared a 3pc version of Run Gizmo Run, to run alongside the 4pc Run Gizmo Run, with a male centric version of the band that would provide the big Run Gizmo Run sound but without the expense of a 2nd vocalist. So we prepared a male set list and recorded this video.
It turned out to be a wise move as we ended up deploying the 3pc version quite often!

2018 - Our Current Showreel

When Ree left the band and Emily joined us, followed shortly after by Rick, it was important to record another up to date show reel. We went back to basics with this showreel, keeping it 100% live, going back to a bit more of a ‘traditional look ‘ for a Function Band and making the songs a little more ‘accessible’ - feedback that we’d been given by agents at the time. They felt that the band was a little too ‘off the wall’.

This is the first showreel that feature’s Alistair’s Synth stick, which you can hear in Get Lucky (The Vocoder) and Superstition (The Synth Brass).

Going back to playing fully live with a keys player is a dream and this version of Run Gizmo Run is definitely our most favourite so far. A band that’s full of fun, full of epic talent, personality and sounds outstanding!

We hope you liked our little trip down memory lane!

If you’d like to book the band for an event, please get in touch with us at rungizmorun@davephillipsmusic.co.uk.