What exactly is in our fee when you book EverClare'?

How much time does EverClare require for each booking?

A unique look into how much time EverClare gives to each booking
By David Knight

Often, when a client books a function band for their event, it’s perfectly normal for them to be expecting to pay for 2 hours work in return for the fee that the band quotes. After all, this is generally the only part of the process that the client sees, and really the only thing that matters to them.

In reality, for each function band booking - whether it’s for a wedding, a party or a corporate event - a band can commit upwards of 20 - 30 hours worth of time.

This will include:

• Preparation and administration
• Personal individual practice
• Rehearsal
• Travel
• Load in and Set up
• Performance
• Break down and load out

I’d like to take the opportunity to explain each of these steps and demonstrate how much time EverClare dedicates to each booking to make sure that our performance is the best it can be, and exactly what you ask for.

1. Preparation and administration

This is where we spend time with you, either by email, Skype on by phone, to determine your needs and wants for your event and to make sure that we, as a band, have all of the information we need to make decisions on what’s required for the smooth execution of your booking. Whether it’s determining the details of the venue, discussing song choices, finding out about you, or drawing up your contracts, we can spend a good couple of hours on this important part of the booking process.

2 hours

2. Personal and individual practice

For weddings, we offer the opportunity for clients to ask us to perform specific songs for their first dance or maybe a particular favourite that they would like featured during the night. For a musician to learn a song properly ( “and not just busk a ‘basic version” ), a song could take 2 or 3 hours study and practice, internalise and maybe sound design. Considering there are 5 musicians in the band, we could be talking 10 - 15 hours of time for personal practice time.

2- 3 hours each (10 - 15 hours in total)

3. Rehearsal

And, of course, songs need to be rehearsed together, so we can also include 5 hours of rehearsal time (6pm - 11pm for rehearsals usually). It’s also possible that the band may rehearse a couple of times as well. Rehearsals may well also cost the band up to around £70 per time in terms of rehearsal space and travel expenses to/from the rehearsal studio.

5 hours

Pasted Graphic 4

4. Travel

EverClare expects to arrive at the our bookings at 5pm for loading in and setting up. For each of the zones on our pricing guide, we can spend anywhere between 30 mins and 5 hours traveling to your chosen venue. A majority of our bookings see us traveling for 2 hours each way - which is 4 hours worth of travel for each booking.

4 hours

Pasted Graphic

5. Load in and setup

Upon arriving at the venue, loading in and setting up typically takes us 2 - 2.5 hours, and we aim to get things up and running by 7:30pm. EverClare is a slightly bigger band than most, and we like to take our time to get everything looking, feeling and sounding right before the party starts. Of course, timings will need to adjusted if you need the band set up earlier.

2.5 hours


6. Performance

It’s usually expected that the band will play for around 2 hours, including encores. EverClare also includes a free live DJ with each party booking, so when the band finishes setting up at 7:30, we typically jump straight into a DJ set until the band starts. The DJ will continue between and after the live sets and conclude the music by 12am as standard.

4.5 hours

Pasted Graphic 2

7. Break down and load out

It’s quite usual that EverClare takes 1 hour to break down and load out. When discussing the band initially, we include these timings as standard to allow you to understand how much time is required so that you can make arrangements with the venue.

For each booking, it’s reasonable to surmise that EverClare can invest circa 30 hours of time into planning and executing the live entertainment at your event. For events further away, this time investment goes up and for international bookings, the members expect to be travelling and out of the UK for a minimum of 3 days.

If you have a look at our Pricing Page, you’ll see that we’re advertising maximum fees of between £1500 - £2500 per booking depending on where the booking is in the country. This fee is split between 6 members and must also take into account fuel, vehicle wear and tear, instrument maintenance, PLI costs, PAT Testing costs... and, of course, we’re all professional people and therefore pay 20% income tax.

We’re discussing this to demonstrate the fantastic value for money that you’re receiving for a booking with EverClare in terms of the time and attention that we give each booking to make sure that it’s professionally administered and professionally executed so that your event is everything that you want it to be.

If you’d like to discuss hiring EverClare for your event, please feel free to contact us on rungizmorun@davephillipsmusic.co.uk for a no obligation chat.