Do bands put prices up when they hear the word "wedding"? We don’t....

Check out our thoughts on the subject of ‘jacking up prices’ for Weddings

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As soon as couple start to think of organising their wedding, one of the first thoughts is “if we mention wedding, the price will go up!” This is the worry for a lot of people. We don’t like the feeling of being ripped off and Wedding Suppliers are known for increasing prices on their products or services when “wedding” is mentioned. We don’t like thinking that we’re being charged more money for no real extra value.

A lot of companies do this, and a lot of bands do this too.

With bands, though, there is a
little context. If a musician’s usual fee is £180 per performance, a pub is unlikely to be able to afford 4 x £180. Bands will play at pubs for £200-£250 per night because that’s the general money on offer and professional bands can use pubs in the quieter months to “keep warm”, try out new material and/or build up a profile of reviews to take them into the higher profile events, as well as any number of other reasons.

Bands, at their core, are businesses. They're fun businesses, sure, but for many it's a primary source of their every day income. As a business, each band is different and sets their pricing according to what the individuals need to earn to live, and cover the costs of working.

Traditionally, parties have also been charged a little lower because the budgets for parties have generally been lower so if bands want to work at parties, they’d have to fit into the available budget or turn the work away.

Weddings, though, tend to have more money budgeted to them - hence why there are so many agencies and booking platforms out there vying for a bride and groom’s attention - so businesses and individuals might bump up a price because they know a little more money is in the kitty.

For bands, though, wedding prices for professional bands are generally reflective of a groups
true worth and pubs/clubs/parties etc are played at a discount to keep the band working and the diary full.

However, even though the circumstances change - the cost of living, petrol, wear and tear on cars, insurances, iabilities and equipment, etc, doesn’t.

We put up a blog earlier in the year that breaks down a band’s time investment into each performance and this rarely changes from event to event. Even at pubs, a band might leave home at 4-5pm and arrive back home at 1am ... an 8 hour odd Time investment.
Read it here....

EverClare doesn’t advertise differing fees for different types of events. We may  well agree to play for a client if they really like (and really want) the band but find that our quote exceeds their budget. After all, we love to play and we aim to please where we can.
This is why we advertise he “band bid” option on our website’s Prices page - to give our clients the opportunity to say to us “we have £XXXX available, can you play for that?”

So be rest assured that when you’re looking for a band for your event, you’re
not getting an inflated price based on the type of event (we ask you to define your event on our website so that we know the kind of event we’ll be working, not so we can hike the price!). And, although EverClare is a trusted artist on many agency and booking platforms, it’s always 20-30% cheaper to book with us directly with no difference in the perceived service guarantee.

We also
don’t over quote if you tell us your budget is bigger. Regularly do we quote our genuine  fees, even if a client tells us that they have 2x our quote available. If you insist we take it, we will  - or we’ll find a way to add value to our band with more musicians or resources -  but we’ll never over quote just because you tell us more money is available than we need.

What we want as a provider of a service is for clients to talk to us. Respond to quotes. Tell us what you have and we'll tell you what we can do for you.

So call or email us for a no obligation chat regarding your planned event by email to, by phone to 07957 940071, or you can message us on Facebook Messenger at our Facebook page