EverClare redefine the standard for function bands

Read about how EverClare defines the standard that every function band could offer.


The “function band” is one of the most popular modes of work for jobbing musicians in the UK. Weddings and corporate events that tend to have high budgets available are one of the only places that musicians can earn the “good money”.

The Musicians Union recommended rates suggest that musicians should be paid a minimum of £166 per 4 hours, with additional fees for travelling, late returns home, etc.

Realistically, clients looking for a band for their event will have a budget that they’re prepared to spend and the likelihood is that they’ll find a band to fit their budget.

Generally, the more you pay for your band you’d expect the quality to go up but this isn’t always the case. A £1500 band could still turn up and look and sound like a £250 pub band.

This image is of a group playing a high profile wedding recently, with a £1500 budget, and there was no thought given to visual presentation, basic lighting, basic PA and the band had never played together before.

This is where EverClare decided to define the standard for a mid tier function band. EverClare’s base fee starts at £1300. Below is a list of the features of EverClare provides for their fee and if EverClare can provide it at this price - everyone else should too.

  • EverClare’s lineup is fixed. The band is the sum of its parts and the bands sound is the product of the members that play in the band. EverClare sounds fantastic, right and polished because the players play together regularly. It’s reasonable to expect that the band are a defined “product” in this pricing bracket.

  • EverClare’s musicians are all educated and experienced musicians. The musicians are one with their instrument and the language of music and are able to visually perform whilst maintaining a high quality of musical performance.

  • EverClare’s musicians all use equipment and instruments that you’d see being used by musicians playing with A-list acts on tour and in the studio. EverClare’s musicians bring circa £10k worth of equipment and instruments to each performance.

  • EverClare travels with a highly experienced sound engineer and a theatre grade PA system that means that the music will sound controlled, produced and balanced. A band behind its speakers cannot hear how the instruments balance during their performance and the characteristics of the balance changes as the set progresses.

  • This system should include high quality mixing, high quality mid/top speakers and sub woofers for a powerful kick drum.

  • EverClares musicians use in ear monitoring that pumps a band mix into their ears and allows them to hear themselves with clarity. They have control of their in ear mix during the performance so that they can control what they hear without needing to communicate with the front of house engineer. Professional musicians on tours of all sizes will hard,y ever use wedge monitors in 2019.

  • EcerClare brings a 4.5m x 3m stage backdrop with them that also includes TVs for slideshows and graphics. The visual look of a band is just as important as the music and EverClare’s stage always looks slick, tidy and professional.

  • A rep for a EverClare will meet with the client ahead of the booking to discuss customising the set list and will discuss any tracks that the client might want the band the learn for their day. The fee includes the time for meeting, practicing and rehearsal costs to get these ready.

  • EverClare provides a Live DJ to each party to keep the music going between live sets. EverClare actually began doing this off of our back in 2007 and it’s now become a standard expectation that a band will provide a DJ set as part of each booking. Most bands provide this by booting up a Spotify and playing a playlist.
  • EverClare exceeds this expectation as our DJ is actually an experienced DJ of 10+ years, holding residencies in high street brands such as Reflex, Jumpin Jaks among others. Musicians tend not to have any DJ experience at all. EverClare is unique in this area. Our DJ sets are live and hosted.

  • EverClare has been playing parties and events for over 10 years and we’ve seen many changes in the industry including the rise of digital agencies, social media videos and reviews and the explosion of function bands coming out of the music colleges and universities every year.

    EverClare provides clients more than any function band working in the UK today. But, due to the demand for our tribute shows in theatres across the UK, dates are limited. Guarantee the band at your event or wedding in 2020 or 2021 by speaking to us now about your chosen date. Hopefully it’ll still be available for you...