Do you know what you're really getting when you book your wedding band?

Your chosen band may have never met before your special day…!


Let me preface this blog by saying that making a living as a full time musician is incredibly hard. The number of wedding bands out there has never been higher, however. Look through any of the agency platform rosters and you'll notice that it's endless. Despite this, the number of musicians trying to make a living in the industry vastly outnumbers the number of bands out there and many of them spend their weeks trying to get 'dep work' in wedding bands across the country (and probably the world).

With wedding clients tending to budget between £1000 - £1500+ for their wedding entertainment, the working bands can only afford to have [so many] members in before they price themselves out of potential work.

Those musicians that are able to make a living are usually only able to do so by working with a number of different unrelated groups - each of which are chasing wedding and function work daily and booking anything between a 2 years and 2 weeks in advance. As a result, the musicians that work with said groups will not always be available and this means that band leaders bring in other musicians to cover, otherwise they wouldn't be able to work themselves. There is a heavy reliance on teamwork and commitment in the music industry.

There are also bands out there - referred to as "Brand Bands" - who book multiple versions of the same band out to multiple clients on the same date. This is a common practice for many of the more visible contemporary companies. The musicians are advertised for on message boards over Facebook and meet for the first time when they arrive at your wedding.

There's no guarantee of rehearsal, and there's no way for the client to know how prepared each of the musicians are when they arrive to perform at your special day.

We don't believe that this provides clients with the best value for your precious money, and this is why ArrowMan Productions groups only provide groups with solid line ups.


EverClare is made up of members of the Serious House Band that work weekly with Seriously Collins, Genesis Legacy, DS:UK as well as EverClare. We do our best to ensure that the band is only ever booked out to our clients when the band members are available.

Every so often, though, it does become necessary to use a dep musician. Maybe it's to cover an illness, or an absence. Or maybe it's due to a member having to leave the band due to other commitments. Thankfully, we have a solid long term arrangement in our company that means that any contract booked into our diary is honoured in the event of other bookings coming, so if EverClare is booked - you can guarantee that the musicians that are supposed to be there are there.

EverClare prides itself on it's customer service and reliability. We've never had to cancel a show, and we don't ever expect to.

This is why we emphasise the importance of booking EverClare early. We're booking shows for 1 - 2 years in advance for our theatre work and, as all of our members also work in other theatre shows too, they too can get booked up early.

In the situation of having to replace a member, we'd only ever cover one member of the band and we only ever use trusted musicians from within our network. We work hard to prepare them properly and ensure that the high quality of EverClare's sound and performance isn't compromised.

If you have any questions about this part of the industry, you're welcome to contact us and if you'd like to investigate EverClare for your wedding or event, please contact us as early as possible with your chosen date so that we can do our best to guarantee availability for you.